We're an NC-based production company specializing in silly commercials/photos, social media, and abstract work.

Mean Bean Tonight

Buckle Your Beans

Sit back, and prepare to enjoy YouTube's latest and greatest late-night talk show: Mean Bean Tonight.


We've got sketches, we've got segments, we've got characters, jokes, guests, shorts, parodies, beans, buns, bangs, and only ONE political joke an episode.



Catch the show @ YouTube.com/MeanBeanProductions!

Full Episodes


Cast/Head Writers

Alex Bradford Cobb — "Put that I'm the brains, the brawn, and the booty."

Melanie Lech — One time she accidentally flicked a raisin into someone's eye and he cried.


Featured Players

Plymouth Jones — The king of the ScrewUp TV empire himself made the mistake of making a blood pact with us that forces him to regularly appear in our episodes.

Thomas Fore — He may come across as big and burly, but when he shaves his mustache, he looks like a baby.

Benjamin Lee — Don't let his tatts fool you, this is the kind of guy you'd want to meet in a dark alley.

You? — Got milk? Got chops? Got a few hours to spare? We want to feature at least one new player in every episode. It could be you! Hit us up here.


Additional Writers

Harper Turek — We'll let his work speak for itself.

You? — Still got milk? Still got chops? Got more than a few hours to spare?  Submit a sketch or join our writing team here.



Last updated May 2020 | Launched February 3rd, 2017

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